Archdeaconries, Chaplaincies, Institutions and Departments

Our Archdeaconries

We have a total of eighteen (18) Archdeaconries; namely:

  1. CATOL Archdeaconry
  2. Uratta North Archdeaconry
  3. Obinze Archdeaconry
  4. Achi Mbieri Archdeaconry
  5. Amaike Mbieri Archdeaconry
  6. Obazu Mbieri Archdeaconry
  7. Orogwe Archdeaconry
  8. Uratta South Archdeaconry
  9. Christ Church Archdeaconry
  10. Alaenyi Ogwa Archdeaconry
  11. Amakohia Archdeaconry
  12. New Owerri Archdeaconry
  13. Umunoha Archdeaconry
  14. Aladinma Archdeaconry
  15. Orodo Archdeaconry
  16. Eziama Obinato Archdeaconry
  17. Ibeama Ogwa Archdeaconry
  18. Avu Archdeaconry

Our Chaplaincies

The Diocese of owerri believes in evangelism and church planting: as a result we have the following chaplaincies

  • Chapel Of St Mark's The Evangelist, Bishop's Bourne
  • Chapel Of The Holy Spirit Imo State university
  • St John's Chapel New Owerri
  • Anglican Church of the Redemption Westend Owerri
  • Anglican Church of the New covenant
  • All Soul's Chapel Alvan Ikoku Federal College Of Education
  • Bishop Lasbery Chapel Irete
  • New Life Chapel Owerri Prisons
  • St Micheal and All Angels Chapel New Owerri
  • Christ Church Chapel Relief Market Ikenegbu Extension Owerri
  • St. Lukes Chapel Akwakuma

Other Organisation owned by the Diocese

The following institutions are owned and managed be the anglican diocese of owerri